Once More

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There is so very much I could say and tell you about. My life has done a 360 in the last few months and as I’ve been trying to process it and organise for it, there has been little time for keeping up with my usual routines.

And of course, the decision that we have made is once again turning our normal routines upside down for a brand, new start. After much deliberation, the Canadian and I have decided to move back to Australia. We don’t know if this is the right choice, but for now, at this point in time, it is the right one for us. It’s going to take lots of re-imagining and finding our way in the waters of a different kind of life again but I know that our adventurous hearts will guide us through.

We love and will miss the beautiful village life we’ve made here in Vancouver. I know I will certainly miss seeing those snow capped mountains each morning as I looked out our window. I will miss the ease and the stress-free day to day living a smaller city brings and hope that readjusting to the bigness of Sydney will be a fun change, rather than a troublesome one.

As I think of our new life, I have been imagining us close to the sea, taking daily walks by the beach. Fingers crossed that an apartment will be waiting for us when we are ready to find it in just the right place. I, of course, am overjoyed at being able to spend real time with my family and friends again and cannot wait to reconnect with them all. I’m already planning our Christmas gatherings. As excited as I am, we will leave here with heavy hearts, knowing that we once again have to say goodbye to people whom we love and to a place that will always be our home.

These images were all taken around Vancouver with my Polaroid 180 Land Camera and Fuji film.

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Finch’s Tea and Coffee House, Vancouver

Monday, December 19, 2011

Finch’s Tea and Coffee House, Vancouver

Epic sandwiches served in brown paper, tables placed in raised window displays, ivy growing up the walls, mismatched furniture, and Horlicks served in mugs. Charm exuding from every nook and cranny.

All images were shot on Kodak Portra 400 film.

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Wandering Neighbourhoods: Main St

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ah Main St, such a fun place to spend an afternoon.

OK, before I go on Vancouverites, I know…the Sylvia Hotel is not on Main St but it was part of my Vancouver wander in the last month and I wanted to share. It’s such an awesome looking building.

The rest of these were taken on Main St which is a funky area filled with cute shops for you to aimlessly browse in and adorable cafes that beckon you to stop in for a latte. Despite me not needing a bridal gown, I couldn’t help myself and ducked into Frocks for a peek. It’s such a beautiful store filled with bridesmaids’ gowns and gorgeous fancy shmancy jewellery. I, of course paid a visit to one of my favourite Main St stores, The Regional Assembly of Text and discovered Front & Company, a quirky clothing/consignment/accessories store.

With all the wedding mayhem I’ve been involved with in the last month, I missed out on spending some time with these awesome ladies who were in town last weekend. I’ve been loving their blog posts and instagram shots from their trip. Hopefully we can meet up when I’m in Seattle/Portland next, ladies!

Vancouver is pretty awesome.

All images were shot on Kodak Portra 400 film.

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Wandering Neighbourhoods: Point Grey

Monday, May 30, 2011

Vancouver in Spring is AMAZING. I wish it was like this all year round.

The flowers are out, the produce is fresh and gardens are bursting at the seams with colour and Springy-ness. How I love the colour of the flowers and produce…I’m quite taken with those radishes. Don’t they look divine? And the greenery! The greenery is so incredibly rich. I have to stop myself from laying in people’s front yards because the grass looks so soft and inviting.

Point Grey borders Kitsilano…actually, it may even be a part of Kitsilano for all I know. Vancouver neighbourhood boundaries confuse me. Some have names, some don’t. It’s very different to Sydney, where every little area/suburb has a name. Sometimes we can be driving around and I’ll ask The Canadian where we are and he won’t be able to give me a name for the area we are in. It’s strange because where I come from, there are so many named suburbs that you can go a lifetime without even hearing of half of them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little slice of Point Grey.

Taken with a Yashica FX3 using Kodak Portra 400.

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Wandering Neighbourhoods: Gastown

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wandering around Gastown is the closest you’ll get to old Vancouver. I absolutely adore this part of town with its red brick buildings, characteristic restaurants, hole in the wall pubs and brick-paved streets. If you ever tour around Vancouver, this is one place I recommend you visit with your camera and an empty belly. Being the tourist spot that it is, Gastown has its fair share of tacky tourist shops but you’ll also find some gorgeous clothing, furniture and homeware stores here. One of my favourite Vancouver stores is Orling and Wu which you will find on Water St. It is beautifully furnished with homeware pieces and items from all over Europe. I’ve had my eye on the lamp in the window (in black and white) for some time now.

Gastown is a photographer’s dream but I also love it because it reminds me of The Rocks back home in Sydney. I hope to shoot there more this coming summer! Wouldn’t you like to come join us for a drink?

All images shot on Fuji Pro 400H.


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She Comes

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring feels like it’s finally here in Vancouver.  Oh, yeah! I see ranunculus and tulips at every flower stall in town and the cherry blossoms have arrived. Oh, the blossoms! 16th Ave and I have a date next week. It’s lined with sakura and I can’t wait to see her in full bloom. The magnolias are starting to bud and I am so giddy about all the little street gardens that are going to appear so very soon. Vancouver has amazing gardens in Spring and Summer. The gardens and blooms are one of my favourite things about this town. I plan on shooting lots of them this year, so be prepared to be bloomed.

Have a great weekend!

Taken at Wreck Beach and around Kitsilano with a Fuji Instax Mini.

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Wandering Neighbourhoods: Snow Edition ii

Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Wandering Neighbourhoods: Snow Edition

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The first Wandering Neighbourhoods for 2011 is a snowy wintery edition around my local neighbourhood- nowhere in particular, just local streets in Vancouver all holding hands to create one glorious, white snow field. This is the first instalment of two as my trigger finger was a little shutter button happy on snow day. I feel it’s only fitting to share these when it’s 36 degrees in Sydney right now.

Can you find snowman of the lanes?


Taken with a Yashica FX3 35mm camera and Kodak Portra 160NC film.

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