The Missed Society Inc

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I’ve wanted to visit Sibella Court’s Society Inc store for the longest time so it was a must on my “Need to Visit in Sydney” list. As you can see from the outside, it’s picture perfect and so utterly quaint that you just want to snuggle into the chair out the front with a book and a blankie.

I could have looked through the windows for hours, but of course was itching to get inside. Unfortunately for my companion and me, nobody seemed to be home. Next time I’m in Sydney, I’ll have to ring ahead and make sure they are open before swinging by. There were shelves and tables full of glorious trinkets that were calling out to be brought home. I love the idea behind the store – valued pieces of eclectic curios found whilst travelling and exploring. Sometimes I come across a place that I feel was created just for me. Do you ever feel that way? Such a glorious little slice of Sydney culture.

You can find The Society Inc in Paddington, Sydney.

All images were shot on Kodak Portra 400 film.

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Anthropologie Opens Its Doors in Vancouver

Friday, May 13, 2011

I was very lucky to be invited to attend the Opening Night of the brand new Vancouver Anthropologie store last night. I have had a love affair with Anthro since I first discovered it in Seattle back in 2005 and have longed for a store to open in Vancouver since I arrived here. I didn’t have to wait too long and now I live in an Anthropologie city and that makes me ridiculously happy.

The store is not as large as stores in the States but is actually bigger than I imagined it would be after seeing the Edmonton store last year. It boasts 2 floors and the design fits in with the Canadian West Coast beautifully with its reclaimed wood finishes and flooring. I love the wood on the outside of the store. Very understated and beautiful.

I was surprised how many of the products I have been coveting were available in the store and of course there are some bonus art pieces by local Vancouver designers. The pieces that stood out to me were those gorgeous wooden hand mirrors by local artist Alex Henderson. I was also happy to see that the prices didn’t seem to be higher than the US prices. Woop to that!

The night was so lovely with champagne, fancy shmancy hors d’oeuvres and a table full of fruit and yummy treats from Butter Baked Goods which is another gorgeous Vancouver talent (and store I’d love to shoot on film). I was actually quite overwhelmed with all the prettiness, people, food and trying to shoot some shots for the blog and therefore came home empty handed. I am already planning a trip back when the store opens tomorrow. I have my eye on several dishes, a couple of tops and those gorgeous hand mirrors. Anthropologie, you are going to be the death of me!

Thank you to Amanda in the NY office for putting me on the door! I had a lovely evening in Anthropologie land. Vancouver people, get thee to the store as soon as you can. It won’t disappoint.

You can see a full gallery on my facebook page and more of my images featured on Decor8!

p.s. There wasn’t a lot of natural light so I had to work with what I had and shot digital! Gasp!

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New Sydney Finds

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In my returning to Sydney discoveries, I’m loving:

  • Children’s store Seed now has a women’s range- gorgeous clothing and accessories!
  • Gorgeous homeware stores in close by suburbs.
  • Latest Frankie and Real Living magazines by my bed.
  • Peter Alexander’s new range in store.
  • Magnation store in Newtown.
  • Crust pizza (nothing new- just loving it once more).
  • Kinokuniya now selling Japanese masking tapes and ribbons.
  • Wearing Havaianas while everyone is complaining about being cold- for once I’m not the one feeling the cold!
  • Spending time with the one with the cupcake.

What are you loving at the moment?

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The Regional Assembly Of Text

Monday, April 26, 2010

Doesn’t the name alone illustrate how awesome a place this could be? Last week I finally made my way to Main St, Vancouver to check out the stationery store with so much more, The Regional Assembly of Text.

This amazing land of paper and stamps shot to the top spot of Amanda’s Adored Attractions the moment I stepped through the door. It was jam packed with stationery lovers looking over the cards, address books, stamps, To Do lists and¬† wooden address boxes. You can even pick up a Make Your Own Damn Book kit.

What I really loved about the store was its passion for reading and writing. In one corner typewriters are set up ready for letter writing while a tiny desk outfitted with crayons and paper is waiting for little ones to sit and create. The lowercase reading room appears to be a storage closet full of hand made books and reading materials ready for your perusal.

The Regional Assembly of Text doesn’t look like every other stationery store- the products are unique and the colour scheme blends with hues of pastel blues, yellows and browns. Behind the front counter are filing cabinets and some of the walls are adorned with gorgeous turquoise wallpaper and clipboards with letter writing club sign up sheets. Yes, they have a letter writing club that happens on the first Thursday of every month- supplies are provided.

I left the store with a new love for creative design and independent thoughts which so clearly are entrenched in the minds of the store founders Brandy and Rebecca. If you ever find yourself in Vancouver, make sure you get yourself to this fabulous store full of reading and writing goodies. You will love it!

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New Prints Available and Hawaii Bound

Sunday, January 3, 2010

These non filmy shots are now available as prints in my Print Store.

I hope you are all enjoying your beginning to 2010. I am currently planning for our little getaway to Oahu. Currently I have packed:

  • 3 packs of Polaroid 779 (plus 5 shots left in the camera)
  • 2 rolls of Portra 160NC and 2 rolls of Portra 400NC
  • 2 rolls of Kodak Tri X
  • Polaroid SX70
  • Polaroid SLR680
  • Nikon FM3A
  • Holga

I am now trying to decide whether or not to lug the DSLR. I’d rather just pick up this baby and take it instead. All I can think about is the sunshine on my back, fresh salty air, Havaianas and the Ala Moana Centre (J Crew, Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade and Nordstrom here I come).

I cannot wait to get over there with my Polaroids and shoot, shoot, shoot!

p.s. The Canadian got a Wii for Christmas and I’m already addicted to Mario Kart even though I suck at it. I made a The Edge Mii- so sad!

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Dressing For Canada

Friday, December 11, 2009


And here we have another “THINGS THAT ARE DIFFERENT IN MY COUNTRY AND MAKE ME GIGGLE ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY” mega post of wondrousness.

Are you bored of these yet, kids? So Sydney is a pretty stylin’ town full of an impressive array of original style schools. From your uber trendy high end fashionistas, to your hipster, skinny jeaned indie kids, from your upturned collared, tighty stripy shirted douches to your vintage dressed, high haired, geek chic-ed second hand girls, fashion and style is a big part of Sydney’s culture.

At home, I would have changed out of my “house clothes” to take the garbage out. Saturday morning cafe breakfasts were not the place for track pants and joggers, while dressing up for a shopping outing was a usual affair.

Here in Vancouver, things are a little different. Here in Vancouver, walking outside to get the morning paper can mean 2 minutes of bone chilling terror for my poor, Australian body. Now, I know Vancouver is the mildest and warmest of Canadian cities, but for this sun seeking, Aussie girl, this place might as well be Siberia. I am freezing my toosh off and because of this shock to the system, fashion or dare I say, style, has gone out the window.

Each time I schlep out of the house in my Puma runners, ski jacket and beanie, I have to remind myself that this is necessity.

Each time I find myself holding a pair of furry, UGG style boots in my cold, lifeless fingers, I remind myself that this is necessity.

Each time that I look in the mirror and think to myself, “what have you become?”, I say to myself, this is necessity.

When I first arrived here, I bought myself a short, woollen winter coat from Aritzia, thinking it would be the perfect winter coat. Yes, that is the awesome Leslie Feist wearing my coat. Never in my life have I worn a winter coat, gloves and beanie in Autumn. Yet here I am December 1o, now having ditched the Feist coat and have gone and bought myself the fattest, puffiest, furriest hooded, bloated monster of a coat known to man. I feel like George Constanza in the bottle shop knocking over wine bottles with his Gore-tex beast.

Despite my inner disgrace, I still have these items to knock off my “Dressing For Canada” list. I would really prefer for them to be stylish if possible!

  • Shoes that are super warm, stylish and not UGGs. I refuse to pay $200 for Australian UGG boots. Nothing against UGG boots but I never bought them at home, so I won’t buy them here for double the price. Any suggestions? I have 2 pair of knee high leather boots but need something that I don’t have to wear with skirts or tuck into jeans.
  • Warm leggings if there is such a thing.
  • Gloves that are warmer than woollen gloves but not full on ski gloves.
  • Pants that are warmer than jeans.
  • Long underwear? Oh, dear!

Got any tips Northern Hemispherians? I feel like I’m losing my style mojo.

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Life Unsettled? Get Shopping

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I‘ve discovered the secret to feeling unsettled and unsure of oneself. Shopping. I’ve known shopping was a cure for many things before but never had I realised how comforting it can be when your life is unsettled and upside down. I’m enjoying the newness of my life in Vancouver, but shopping is helping with the feelings of rootlessness.

My 2 new favourite stores are Aritzia and Plen+y. I have known of Aritzia for a long while but Plen+y is new to me and full of fabulous clothing to keep me excited for a while.

Aritzia have this awesome program where they feature different photographers’ work on their storebags. I was excited to discover that the gorgeous shots gracing my store bag were by one of my flickr contacts, yyellowbird! Read more about her on their blog.



Excited by shopping..sad, but true.

I’m headed to Broadway and 4th next week to check out the funky, independent stores.

Check out more of yyellowbird’s gorgeous photography at her blog.

p.s. I’m participating in Susannah Conway’s Unravelling course over the next month. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get stuck into it. Click the Unraveller link in the sidebar to find out more about her courses.

p.p.s Just got myself a new scanner, so film + polaroids and I are back in business! Woo!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hello from sunny, Vancouver!

I don’t like having a big hunk of posts missing, but my life has been so hectic at the moment with our big move that I’ve barely had time to get online. I have hundreds of posts sitting waiting to be read in my RSS!

One thing I will be writing/complaining¬† about here in the future is the rain and snow, woo hoo, look out blog world! So I will just get this out of the way now before the usual Vancouver weather sets in…it’s so beautiful and sunny here right now! Now that I have proclaimed that, I’m sure the clouds will roll in tomorrow.

Yesterday, we walked the city so I could do a spot of shopping at my favourite stores. Not a lot of damage was done but let’s just say that I have already acquired a points card in Sephora. Oh, Laura Mercier is so cheap! I’m in heaven. I have already got a long list of posts I will be writing about, including why Vancouver department stores suck the big one but for now I will leave you with a few shots from my first few days in this gorgeous city.


Check out that jet lagged face. UGH!




How have you been, dear readers? I have so much to catch up on…anything great I should definitely be checking out on blogland?

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