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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

cafe afternoons

Hello old friends,

For the first time in maybe, ever, I am ready for Autumn and Winter. In the past 6 months, I have had my fair share of beautiful, delightful summer and have experienced the kind of happiness that summer always brings. Autumn is officially here in Sydney and although the days are still warm, there is a noticeable change in the air. Even though living in Canada for 3 years gave me enough rain to last a lifetime, I did get a little bit excited about buying a new umbrella this week.

I have so much to share, wonderful stories to tell about the absolutely amazing week that I had in Morocco and a few days spent in London just a few short weeks ago. There aren’t loads of film rolls to share this time around but I’m getting back into my photography groove and feeling the need to start documenting again. Since we moved back to Sydney, life has done a 360 and I’ve been busier than ever, but now that the 2nd Instant Love retreat is over and my big trip for the year is done, life is going to settle down. I hope!

Time for nesting and lingering light, time for learning how to bake something warm and cosy afternoons in the cafe, time for boots and stomping in the leaves, and time for excursions with my 180 to rediscover this beautiful city again.

It’s great to be back!

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Happy New Year from Mocking Bird

Monday, December 31, 2012


Here’s to a great 2013 filled with joy, picture making, creativity, inspired ideas, friendship and love.

Happy New Year, friends!

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New Beginnings

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

For my birthday this year, Sean gave me a talisman pendant from local Vancouver designers, Pyrrha. He chose it without any prompting from me and out of all the symbols on offer, he chose one that represents ‘new beginnings’. At that stage in the year, we had not decided to move back to Australia, but somewhere the stars aligned and here we are again on a new beginning wading our way through the next stage of our life.

We’ve only been back in Australia for a fortnight and already so much has happened. Life is fast paced in Sydney and at present, I’m struggling to keep up. I know things will settle down soon and I look forward to the moment that we are completely unpacked and settled again.

I’m soaking up the family and friend time as much as I can and wishing the sun to continue to shine. We’ve spent time by the beach, been to our favourite dessert place and had lattes a plenty! I’ve got big plans for another summer here in the Southern Hemisphere filled with pool parties, picnics and Polaroids.

Speaking of Polaroids, Jen and I are pleased to announce that there are now a few spaces left in the 2nd week of our Instant Love retreat in Marrakech! We are keeping places open until October 22! If you’ve been thinking about your own new beginning and have wanderlust and the want to learn about instant film and the wonders of Morocco, now is your chance. Come spend a week with us in the beautiful Peacock Pavilions! It’s going to be an amazing time and I’m already getting excited about it! Check out our lovely website here for all the information. It’s going to be awesome!

Images shot on a Polaroid 180 Land camera using Fuji instant peel apart film.

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Living In Paris When You Don’t Live In Paris

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh, how I love having a patisserie and a bakery run by actual French people across the street and down the road. Yes, the bread is to die for, and yes the chocolate croissants are better than any other I’ve tasted before, but for me what I love about these 2 little places are the way they make me feel.

I stand at the counter, eyeing all the beauty behind the glass, pondering which delight to choose, and patiently wait for my turn. I wait for one little thing. One little thing that transports me instantly. “What would you like?” she says in a romantic, oh so Frenchie accent. For in that moment, the sweet French lady carries me to a patisserie in Paris or a boulangerie in Bordeaux. I can pretend for just that moment that I am steps away from the Sacré Cœur and going to head down the hill with my baguette for lunch. Stepping into these places give me so much more than bread and pastries. They give me hope that I will one day get to visit this town that I have loved from afar for so long.

I wrote a little about our village lifestyle on my guest post on sfgirlbybay last week because I just adore having these special places to call my local haunts. But mostly I love living a little bit of Paris if only for a minute.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Canadian.

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Where We Blog From

Monday, November 8, 2010

So this week I am a very lucky lady as the gorgeous Jane from Ill Seen, Ill Said has featured me on her popular Where We Blog From column. I was so thrilled when Jane asked me to share some photographs of my little blogging space. I really love taking a peek into people’s homes as I think it gives you even more of a sense of the type of person they are. There is only so much one can share via writing on a blog or with art of some kind, so these kinds of real deal snippets of reality are right up my alley.

Where We Blog From is such a fun feature and I have been following it religiously since I first discovered the fabulous Ill Seen, Ill Said. So yes, it is quite the honour to have been asked and I was happy to share a little bit of my world with her readers. Hello, hello Ill Seen Ill Said readers if you’re new to Mocking Bird! It’s lovely to have you here. Pop on over to Jane’s blog to see where I blog from!

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll see that I post ( I can’t use the word tweet, I just can’t) about these kinds of things as they happen. I’m a little slower to blog about them, so follow me on twitter if you want the goss as it goes to press!

Words To Shoot By also went live with a great group of Polaroid photography this week. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a great photography collaboration. The work is so wonderful this week!

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Making It Ours

Friday, October 22, 2010

Don’t you just love the beginnings of a new decorating project? Even as a kid I would get giddy if my mum and I decided it was time to change my bedroom around. I love the possibilities and the endless choices that can be made to create something special, something that’s completely yours.

The fabulous Domino: Book of Decorating opens with a chapter about getting started and finding an approach to begin your decorating ….

“Impatient types might want to do the entire space at once, even if that means using less expensive pieces. More tortoise like characters are happy collecting slowly over time…”

I definitely fall into the latter category. We have the necessities right now, but I’m biding my time until we find all the things that will make our place ours.

Furniture can be beautiful but it doesn’t make a place a home. I really believe that the pieces of the puzzle that make rooms yours, are the little details. The photographs, the pictures, pieces found whilst traveling, things from your life that are sentimental and have meaning. It’s amazing how quickly familiar faces can make a strange place feel like home.

One of my favourite ‘me’ decorations sits above my desk smiling down at me as I work. A much loved cartoon that my best friend drew of our lives together before I left for Vancouver. It’s a silly little thing she did for fun but is really special to me and reminds me of all those happy times we had together. These are the things that build a home. The things that make you smile when you walk in the door…

I’d love to hear about what details you have in your home that make it special and essentially yours. What treasures grace your special rooms?


postscript: Today is your last day to enter the CSN Stores give away. Leave a comment on that post to win. Winner announced next week!

post postscript: Words To Shoot By Call For Entries! I get lots of emails from people asking me how they can contribute to Words To Shoot By and I’m sure Steph gets hundreds more.  Well, now you can join in the fun! Steph is asking for your entries for the coming theme of : Orange. The deadline for entries is Saturday 23 October- that’s tomorrow! Check out WTSB for all the details. Get shooting, kids!

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Decor Week at Mocking Bird

Monday, October 18, 2010

The tumbleweeds were blowing through  little ole Mocking Bird last week! I hate seeing the blog sitting without any newness, so to make up for it I’m devoting this week to something fun and inspiring. So much of what I love about living the simple life is having a beautiful, happy place to come home to. I’ve really found such solace in my home in the past few weeks and am working hard at making it a heavenly haven filled with all our happy things.

I’m devoting this week to all things housey, decor and design. We have a giveaway happening tomorrow and lots of inspiring posts for the week.

I’m kicking it off with the bane of my current existence- my teeny rental kitchen. Luckily for me, a clever lady has offered to help me with prettying it up and we are working on that at the moment. Renting is definitely a challenge, especially when your last rental had a brand new kitchen with granite counter tops. Have I mentioned that I hate the counter tops? They are pink…PINK!

Do you have one room in your home that compels you to take to it with a sledge hammer? Thankfully there are no sledge hammers laying about, so in the meanwhile I’m dreaming of kitchens with white cupboards and open shelving, wooden chopping block counter tops, a large wooden island and dozens of drawers to fill with our kitchen gadgets. Here are some of my dream kitchens…

Brooklyn Home via Bliss

via bryn alexander

Sibella Court’s kitchen tour from Design Sponge

via Desire to Inspire

White shelving and wooden heaven from Living Etc

via From Greenwich with Love

via Flor

Such beautiful rooms to come home to. I hope to take some elements of these beautiful kitchens and infuse them into my teeny rental. Do you love your kitchen?

p.s. Come back tomorrow for the homey give away!

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