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I finally made my way to the Sydney Finders Keepers market this past weekend. Finders Keepers has been around for about 6 years now and because I was living in Canada for the past few years, I had never actually gotten along to one. When I was describing what kind of market it was to Sean, he replied, “So it’s basically Etsy in the flesh.” And that is a pretty accurate summation!

Set in the fabulous Australian Technology Park (which is actually an old railway yard), Finders Keepers is packed with gorgeous hand made artisan goods. There is so much amazing talent in this country of ours and it was almost a little overwhelming. I came home with a gorgeously heavy wooden cutting board made of Australian gum, a beautiful brass necklace by iamtob and a cute around the world pouch and canvas tote. I also really loved the ceramics of Sian Thomas and Paperboat Press, these cute bags by Aija, totally fun textiles by Harvest, the indigo dyed pieces by Pom by Pomegranate, and these absolutely amazing paper artworks by Benconservato.

If you’ve never been, they are well worth the time. I know I’ll be going to the future markets pretty regularly from now on.

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5 thoughts on “Finders Keepers Market

  1. Amanda, you’re so lucky to be living in such a gorgeous place as Sidney! I really loved Australia when I visited and always thought it would be a dream to live there. I am sure you’re enjoying your come back! x

  2. Love these photos, just recently found your page! Great photos. I am new to photography and have been wanting to purchase one. I love the looks of these. what camera lens, etc. did you use? :)

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