Fuji X100s I Love You

Saturday, May 18, 2013

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So I finally picked up the first real digital camera I’ve bought in about 5 years and I must say, I think I’m in love. I’ve only just received it and have had a teeny play today, but I’m pretty sure we are going to become firm friends. The Fuji X100s is what I’ve been looking for in a digital camera. It’s light, compact, takes film-ish sorta photographs and looks like an old school manual camera.

I took these at a local cafe and were tweaked a little in Lightroom but I’m pretty happy with the results. This shot that I added to my facebook page was taken straight out of the camera. I think the Fuji X100s just killed my DSLR. Love!

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  • Andrea

    These are really lovely. I’ve considered picking up this camera so I’m happy to see your beautiful results. Have fun with it!

  • Lucie Elizabeth

    I love the Fuji X100s! What adjustments did you do the the images above in lightroom? I have the Fuji X100s and considered getting Lightroom for a while but ended up sticking with PScs6.

  • Helen

    Exciting! Funny – I was looking at this little beauty the other day and its definitely on my wish list. Beautiful shots!

  • Melissa

    Yah for you!! I ditched my bulky old DSLR for an Olympus OMD E5 – similar to the FujiX100. I am amazed at the results and am not looking back. Also love that I can carry it around with a couple of prime lenses and not feel like my shoulder is falling off.

  • Ashley

    Gorgeous shots! I’ve recently started taking a lot more digital pictures, partly because the camera is there, and partly because there isn’t anywhere nearby to develop film so I have to send it out. I still love my film cameras, but digital are okay too. :)

  • Rachel

    Yay! You got one! I knew you’d love it as much as I love mine.

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