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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There is so very much I could say and tell you about. My life has done a 360 in the last few months and as I’ve been trying to process it and organise for it, there has been little time for keeping up with my usual routines.

And of course, the decision that we have made is once again turning our normal routines upside down for a brand, new start. After much deliberation, the Canadian and I have decided to move back to Australia. We don’t know if this is the right choice, but for now, at this point in time, it is the right one for us. It’s going to take lots of re-imagining and finding our way in the waters of a different kind of life again but I know that our adventurous hearts will guide us through.

We love and will miss the beautiful village life we’ve made here in Vancouver. I know I will certainly miss seeing those snow capped mountains each morning as I looked out our window. I will miss the ease and the stress-free day to day living a smaller city brings and hope that readjusting to the bigness of Sydney will be a fun change, rather than a troublesome one.

As I think of our new life, I have been imagining us close to the sea, taking daily walks by the beach. Fingers crossed that an apartment will be waiting for us when we are ready to find it in just the right place. I, of course, am overjoyed at being able to spend real time with my family and friends again and cannot wait to reconnect with them all. I’m already planning our Christmas gatherings. As excited as I am, we will leave here with heavy hearts, knowing that we once again have to say goodbye to people whom we love and to a place that will always be our home.

These images were all taken around Vancouver with my Polaroid 180 Land Camera and Fuji film.

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  • Kim

    Manda, change is always hard but if this is where life leads you, it’s the right thing to do even if it means realizing it’s the wrong place to be. :) best wishes in the move and I can’t wait to see how you adjust to the new life through the lens of your camera.

  • Katarina

    Well that is a big change. But I’m sure being with your family again will bring more joy than stress. And changes always help you grow, no? Plus, imagine that gorgeous australian light again! :)

    • Amanda

      Yes, totally, Katarina.
      I’m totally looking forward to getting back to my Aussie light for photography. The greyness of Vancouver has certainly had an impact on my instant photography.

  • Sian

    I’m just about to do the same thing!
    But kind of the opposite, I’m leaving Sydney to go back home to New Zealand for a while. I think the weirdest thing will be stepping away from the city + the crazyness + all the awesome events and stuff that go on here.
    I know I’ll miss it, but I know I can’t let that stop me. And I’m totally stoked to explore NZ a little more, which I never really did when I was there.

    It would have been rad to meet up if we were both gonna be here at the same time, but I think I might miss you!
    I’m sure you’ll be sweet though, you can’t deny how awesome this country + city is! And you’ve always got the mountains + secluded beaches to escape to. ;)

    Best of luck for the new adventures! x

    • Amanda

      Oh bummer!
      Well, I hope you have a great homecoming, Sian. What part of NZ are you from? I’ve never been but my boy and I would really love to come. He’s a big snowboarder and leaving Whistler is going to be tough on him, so he’s thinking a few trips to NZ might be in the works.
      Yes, I love Australia and Sydney and am really looking forward to being home again.

  • Marjolaine

    As said above, I also think change is always good at the end. Even if it means stress, readjustment and a new start from scratch… which can be good !
    All the best for you :-)

    • Amanda

      Yes, I know it will be a good thing and just have to deal with the hiccups that happen along the way. Thank you so much, lovely Marjolaine. :)

  • Mary

    All the best Amanda- like everyone has said, change can be a great thing in the end- it will all pay off with some great adventures. You also get a double summer ;) Let me know if you do end up over in NZ too!

  • myla

    I love that the card in the window says “now is the right time” — wishing you and the Canadian only the best — if there’s any way you can make it down to visit before you go. . . if not I understand. xoM

  • Ashley

    It’s a tough choice to make, I know. I wish you all the best in your move and in building a new life for yourself in Australia again. *hugs*

  • Ting

    Lovely photos, as always! x

  • Annette Gendler

    Such is life if you have an international family, Amanda! There are always good-byes and part of the soul is always in another place. I wish you two all the best for the impending move and for resettling in Australia. Thankfully, Mocking Bird at least will stay in place!

  • Catalina

    wishing you the best! I have changed countries and “lives” some times already, each one was hard and easy, in different ways but always an empty notebook to start writing with hope and dreams (and new pictures? :) )

    wish you the best!!!!!

  • Jasmine

    Wow, wow, wow!

    I can only imagine how much challenge, struggle, thinking, exploring went into landing on a big decision like this. But it is a good, good thing. Facing a challenge full of unknowns like this will pay off in big, unexpected dividends. I can’t wait to read about the fruits of this adventure.

  • sue

    Well Vancouvers loss is our gain! You will be welcomed and embraced into this country and surrounded by land and people who think you’re just great. Welcome!

  • Bill Kellett

    Thank you for your inspirational blog “Why do you take pictures?”
    Good luck in your new life ‘down under’

  • mina

    good luck with the move. i’m looking forward to reading about your adventures in australia. xo

  • Eliz

    We will miss you in Vancouver. Have a safe trip!!*

  • Dear Demoiselle

    Amanda, how exciting! I’m just moving myself (not as far as you, but still), so I know it’s sad as well, but I’m sure it will be mostly fantastic. I think you’ve missed Australia all the time. I just found you when you were moving to Canada, so I’m looking forward to hearing about the return. Best of luck with the preparations – remember to eat, to breathe and to give away lots of stuff (all these things make it easier)!

  • Chanel Jibal

    Everyone has said everything I was already going to say…lol so….I wish you the best of luck and the time of your lives!

  • minimodi

    ah, after reading i got the first shot (now is the right time). good luck.

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