Instant Love:How to Make Magic and Memories with Polaroids Is Officially Released!

Monday, May 14, 2012

This journey began in late 2009. It began with a rather long email that started as an intimate conversation between friends and turned into a plan to write a book together. And now the day is finally here- our book, Instant Love is done. It has pages and a spine and is sitting on book shelves. It feels so good to be able to look back and say, “we did this together.” We created something that we truly love and believe in and want to share with others.

We wrote this book for you- lovers of Polaroid who want to learn how to shoot dreamy photographs filled with light and possibility. We share all we know about crafting beautiful compositions, our lighting techniques and tips on portraits. Throughout the book you will find snippets about what we love about Polaroids, the joys this love has brought us and pieces of our lives as Polaroid photographers.

And today we are super excited to share the trailer for Instant Love. We are very happy to have collaborated with Ryan Marshall to create this gorgeous video. We hope you love it!

Thanks to the band Rabbit who provided the music. The awesome song is called “Camera” and it’s available here. And of course, to the amazingly talented Ryan Marshall of Pacing the Panic Room for shooting and producing the video. Thank you, Ryan!

I want to thank Jen and Susannah, our girl Amy Haney for her beautiful illustration, our awesome contributors Mia Moreno, Fernanda Montoro, Grant Hamilton, Matt Schwartz, Parul Arora, Leah Reich, and Lori Andrews, our wonderful editor Bridget, Matt, Brooke, Peter and Diane at Chronicle Books, all our models, The Impossible Project, my family and friends who have all been so supportive (like seriously amazing and out of this world supportive), and most especially my Sean who got me through those months of writing, shooting and editing without cursing at me once.

And of course, Dr Edwin Land and the original Polaroid company for giving us the opportunity to make art with these amazing cameras.

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think! You can of course find our book at Chronicle Books, Amazon, Urban Outfitters and many bookstores around the world!

p.s. If you already have Instant Love and enjoyed it, we would love it and be super thankful if you would share a review on Amazon. :)

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  • Mia

    Lovely! Congratulations, Amanda! xoxo

  • Gavin Hall

    pre-ordered this several weeks ago from Book Depository (who offer free worldwide shipping!). Can’t wait to get. Amanda, have to say that you’re site is one of the inspirational ones I’ve come to draw from to rediscover my passion for “tangible”, “imperfect”, analogue photography. Currently have been shooting on my wife’s “glamorous” decades old Polaroid Spice Cam, but can’t wait to purchase my very own “new” / “old” SX 70 from Impossible. Again, Amanda – you’re one of the people to blame and I hope to learn (the techniques) and be inspired by Instant Love.

    best wishes from singapore

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much, Gavin. Comments like these mean the world to me and I am really happy that I’ve one of the people to blame. I could think of worse things ;)
      Thanks for sharing that with me and good luck with the Sx70 hunt. I know there’s one out there waiting for you.

  • megan

    congrats amanda! we have copies of instant love available in deep cove, now i just have to score that SX70! :)

  • Jamie Zucek

    I pre-ordered Instant Love back when you said Amazon had first posted it, and it arrived this week just in time for Mother’s Day. I gave it to my wife and she has been thumbing through it excitedly whenever she has had a spare moment.
    I can’t wait to steal it from her, but I guess I have to let her read through it first. ;)

    • Amanda

      I love that it’s been a Mother’s day gift for Polaroid lovers and that you guys are sharing it. :) Thanks for stopping by, Jamie.

  • Mary

    Congratulations Amanda! :) {Hopefully a copy will make it to Kiwi shores :)}x

  • Millie

    Congratulations!! I love the book! I’ve just placed my order after watching the trailer and I can’t wait for it to arrive. As it was mentioned in the video, I got my Polaroid from my grandpa. Great work! Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • brandi

    I just bought my copy today! Can’t wait to dive into it.

  • Margaret

    Amanda I’ve just stumbled on your blog and am blown away to discover that Polaroid is still alive and well! I didn’t think it was possible to get the film anymore but I can only assume it is. I’m going to order your book. Now! :))

  • twiggs

    ok, it’s official, i just bought your book, though i have no camera! ah! but i’ll be surely entertained by your amazing book for sure and then i’ll get to the buying the camera part! congratulations!!!

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