Impossible PX70

Friday brings some images from Impossible PX70 colour film shot in my Polaroid SX70.

I’m really liking the colours that you can achieve with this film. The blues and pinks are lovely. The reds are still coming out a little yellow but it’s such a great advance in colour from the original Impossible films. Those pesky leaks happened because the light managed to break through my mighty-impenetrable-defense-of-steel-shielding technique (aka flimsy card attached to camera with sticky tape). However, in these 2 shots, I quite like the glowing effect.

I’ve been waiting for the weather to clear in Vancouver to get out and shoot more with this film. I shot so much instant film while I was in Morocco and France and haven’t shot a lot since (apart from a sneaky little project I’m working on at the moment). Now that sunshine is here, my camera and I have a date this weekend. What are you doing with your two glorious days? Go shoot some instant film!

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12 thoughts on “Impossible PX70

  1. These polaroids are a perfect example of the beauty of imperfection. The second one is particularly gorgeous. You are expert at finding the best light for polaroids – I guess that’s why you wrote the book on it. :)

  2. I sot polaroids for the first time a few weeks ago on a momentous trip from Australia to the USA and have those dark brown leaks on many of my pictures. What are they? Is there any way to avoid them?

    • Leah, they are known as ‘mushrooms’ or ‘divots’ and they do occur on different packs of film with Impossible. The chemicals haven’t spread through the rollers properly and it’s worse on some packs than others. Are you shooting with a 680? It seems to be worse with them because of the size of the rollers. But as you can see, I shot all of these with the same pack and same camera and yet there was no divot in the last shot shown. Keep your rollers as clean as possible.
      It’s one thing that Impossible are working on improving and I haven’t been able to avoid them with my 680 unfortunately.

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