Things I Noticed About Paris

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things I noticed about Paris

// The light is soft and makes for beautiful, creamy tones in photographs.  All those white buildings help. I love that I could get gorgeous light shining in between them with every shot.

// Women really do have high end designer bags. In Canada and Australia, high end designer bags are coveted, but in Paris it appears that many (of those walking around the streets), have a Prada or a Louis Vuitton.

// There are discoveries around every corner. Detail and beauty is poured into everything and even the alley ways were inviting and pretty. I remember feeling this in Italy when I was there.

// Yes, Parisians are beautifully dressed. There were a lot of neutral colours and it made me want to throw out my whole wardrobe and start from scratch.

// The cafes are crowded. But it felt like everywhere in Paris was crowded. I feel bad for them. Living in a city that is constantly bombarded with tourists must get old fast. And the thing they say about waiters is true. But I don’t think that they’re rude. They’re just busy. Once you get their attention, they are attentive and accommodating.

// Paris is a town full of inspiration. From the art galleries to the buildings, the details, the people and fashion, food and architecture, there is no wonder that it is a city of artists. The way the city was built really makes you shake your head at how so much of the modern western world is so ugly. I really despise the “suburbifcation” of many places both in Sydney and Vancouver (and I’m sure is the same in many cities in the States and the UK)- you know the places, where everything looks the same and has has no thought of design put into the building and architecture whatsoever. Parisians know how to beautify their surrounds, I don’t see why the rest of us can’t.

All images were shot with my favourite film, Kodak Portra!

p.s. For those of you on tumblr, I am over there sharing photos and whatnot. You can follow me here.

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  • Daniella

    I so agree about the whole architecture thing! Actually, it doesn’t even deserve the word “architecture” for the buildings in Canada, everything is so the same! It makes it hard to shoot any kind of “neighbourhood” photos when everything is so cookie cutter. Paris had such endless inspiration around every corner.

    • Amanda

      Yes, cookie cutter is the perfect way to describe it. Don’t get me wrong, I really LOVE the houses in Vancouver but it’s out in the suburbs where there are all these outdoor malls with the same ugly shops and signage and you could drive from one to the next and not realise you’re in a different place!

  • Rhianne

    I took Portra to Paris too and its so perfect for there isn’t it. I want to go back with more.

    I was always so impressed with the waiters there too, even though they were busy they were so attentive and most went out of their way to speak English with us even when they couldn’t speak it that well, despite my best efforts at French lol.

    I made a similar list to this and top of my list was the Metro jingle, its so fun.

    • Amanda

      Yeah totally. I was told that the waiters are rude but all the ones we had were fine. And in fact, the hostess at Angelina ( who I was thinking was going to be so snooty from the way she looked and because I had to ask her some questions in my terrible French) was the nicest person I encountered in Paris. She was so lovely and accommodating and made me feel very welcome despite my terrible French.

      I’ve already forgotten the Metro jingle. I rode it enough, I should remember it!

  • Katrina

    Oh wow I so want to go to Paris. I laughed at your “throw out my whole wardrobe” comment. I felt that way when I went to London ;) Your pictures are stunning.

    • Amanda

      haha it’s very true, Katrina! You feel like a slob walking around in jeans and a blouse! I was just glad it was winterish so I could get away with wearing boots. If it had been summer, there was no way I could have worn cute shoes with all the walking we did.
      Thank you. :)

  • alexandria

    What a treat it is to see your photos. You have been spoiling us with sharing your travels. Happy week, Amanda!

  • janis - pinecone camp

    Gorgeous images! I still love to shoot with film as well. There is something so magical about it. Where, in Australia, are you from? My husband’s from Melbourne, and we visit often. Love it so much.

  • twiggs

    gorgeous photos amanda! really gorgeous! i so want to go to paris again after seeing these photos! but you just need to come to lisbon, our light is magical!!!

  • Morgan

    Hi Amanda! I am SO PUMPED you are on tumblr! That place is the best! So much inspiration constantly flowing, it is one of my favorite places to hang on the internet. But after shoot by design I am exploring a bit now on flickr too….

    Lovely photos of Paris, it is also so interesting to hear what impressed or surprised you, like the handbags and waiters, but not the metro jingle…the little things that stand out or stick in our memory!

  • antonella

    While I was living in Italy I used to teach Italian to foreigners. Once a Parisian student of mine said that Paris was way too much beige (… all the buildings are beige and all the people wear beige clothes). Your post has just made me remember her words!

  • minimodi

    just wanted to say that after spending a good time clicking around your blog I really like what I see. Love your polaroids and that you’re keeping it analog! have just been to paris myself and have to agree on the light.

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