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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2010 was a tough, tough year. 2011 brought needed stability and strength and I’m hoping that 2012 will be the year we build ourselves back up again. I can feel it coming.

In January we started a year long journey snapping photographs once a month with the Twelve Photo project and I had some Polaroids published in the book, Polaroid Day.

February brought the delivery of our manuscript for Instant Love to Chronicle Books. That was a happy day indeed. It also brought the snow…

March was the month we talked about what we really want.

April was the month of getting published in magazines and wandering on Pacific Northwest beaches…

May was the month of farmer’s markets and venturing outdoors again.

June was about weddings and birthdays and the launch of our Pretty Polaroid Notes around the world.

July saw the announcement of our Instant Love Retreat in Morocco, day trips down to Seattle, and long afternoons in cafes with gorgeous light…

August was more weddings, guests from France and Boston, and the launch of Shoot By Design- my first online photography course. It was also the month that Instant Love appeared on Amazon and other book sellers.

September and October brought me home. I took a trip back to Australia to spend time with my beloved family and friends and it got me all the good stuff that going home always does.

In November we talked about why we take pictures, I shared more of my Sydney images and was published in Somerset Life mag thanks to the lovely Alex.

And December always brings my favourite time of year, bittersweet as it may be when I’m far from my family, but always joyful and full of hope. I love nothing more than gathering with my boy, family and friends to share good food, wine and stories. It also brought a feature in 16 Hours mag along with so many amazing artists. An absolute honour to close out the year.

In 2011, I didn’t travel like I normally like to, but it gave me the chance to really live in Vancouver and experience every season. I shot weddings, couples and portraits in 2011 – something I hope to do more of in 2012. I have a few goals that I’m storing in my mind but I shall keep those to myself for now as I already know that travel is going to be back in full swing in 2012. Hello Morocco! – and maybe a little stop somewhere I’ve been dreaming of… forever! If you are a long time Mocking Bird reader, you may be able to guess where.

Please share your end of year posts in the comments if you have them. I’d love to read them. And happy new year!!!

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