What’s In Your Kit? with Olga Bennett

Friday, July 8, 2011

Olga Bennett is a photographer whose work is dripping with the kind of light that all good photographs should be made of. Her work is very raw and uncomplicated, yet strikingly beautiful and serene. A wonder with her Hasselblad medium format camera, she creates timeless, classic pieces that tell real stories….still lifes that look as though someone just walked out of the room. Olga has had recent success with the launch of her book, Environments and is based in Melbourne, Australia. She was so sweet to take part in the What’s In Your Kit? interview. Welcome Olga!

MB: What is your camera of choice and why?

Olga: Hassleblad 500 C/M with a newer 80 mm lens. It makes me slow down, pay attention, and seem to hypnotize my subjects. I’m joking of course, but people often love the look of the camera and forget to be self-conscious in front of it for some reason. :) The sound of the shutter is magical.

MB: Which are your favourite lenses to work with and why?

Olga: 80 mm on Hasselblad, it’s magical and makes simple things look incredible, especially in low light. I also use 50 mm on Canon 5D most often, I prefer to move around my subject and come closer if I need to. I think when shooting you have to think of so many things – expression, light, focus – I’m not sure I have time to change between lenses much.

MB: What equipment do you prefer to use to shoot portraits?

Olga: Definitely a Hasselblad, but all of the above, really.

MB: Name a camera that you just love to have fun with.

Olga: Nikon N8008, a 35 mm film SLR with a roll of Fuji film in it and 50 mm lens.

MB: What do you carry your equipment in?

Olga: Most of the days I use Domke wraps and carry a camera in my normal bag. I’m yet to find a bag that I really like.

MB: Is there one piece of equipment/set up that you would recommend to a newbie shooter?

Olga: Any film camera with manual settings. I think it’s much more satisfying and makes you appreciate photography so much more!

MB: Film or Digital or both and why?

Olga: Both! I would love to say I only shoot film, but I appreciate digital, as it allows me to work on many smaller commissions that otherwise would not be possible due to the cost of film and processing.

Olga, thank you from the bottom of our camera loving hearts. Your photography is stunning and we know you have an amazing career ahead of you.

You can see more of Olga’s fabulous photography on her website, read about her Environments book here and check out her blog over here!

What do you think? Isn’t her work beautiful?

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