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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have you heard of Jasmine Star? Jasmine is a super talented wedding photographer who shoots gorgeously lavish and beautiful weddings in California. There is something really special about her photography and it’s not only the materials that go into how she creates a photograph, but more what she pulls out of her models and how she makes them shine. Jasmine is quite the personality and she uses that to her advantage to get something really special out of her models. Take a look at her work and you will see this confidence and beauty in every bride she shoots. This comes not from her choosing overly confident brides, but her ability to make ordinary women feel beautiful and strong.

Over the weekend, the team at Creative Live broadcast a 2 day workshop with Jasmine sharing how she does business live to the internet for free. Yes, for free. To take part in a 2 day workshop, all you had to do was log on to the Creative Live site and you got to sit in on an amazing 2 days of education. And this wasn’t the first time they’ve done it. Creative Live have free photography workshops happening all the time and it’s such an extraordinary and powerful way of thinking. The people behind Creative Live are giving back to the community with no strings attached and it’s such an incredible resource. Last year, Jasmine also did a marvelous 3 day workshop on shooting a wedding. The cameras actually followed her around for an entire day as she shot a wedding. Talk about stressful! She was amazing and I knew I couldn’t miss out on her next workshop. Jasmine’s personality is infectious and her message and teaching is so inspiring, no matter what kind of a photographer you are.

Of course, if you miss the free workshops, they replay them later that night and they are also available to buy so you can watch them at your own leisure. The next course that I am looking forward to is Food and Culture Photography with Penny De Los Santos.

Another website that also offers an incredible insight into the lives of photographers is Framed. Every Tuesday a new show is posted on the site which showcases one photographer and how they shoot. One of my favourites was the recent episode with Lisa Warninger, Urban Weeds street style shooter. Lisa also has been interviewed here on Mocking Bird for my What’s In Your Kit series. Check out Lisa in action on a shoot ( with a guest appearance by the lovely Chelsea Fuss of frolic) and as she encounters her “weeds” on the street.

Both Framed and Creative Live are brilliant websites that are really giving back to the photography community with such a wealth of information. I love that there are photography leaders who are offering their knowledge to those who are willing to learn. It’s such a new and fresh attitude towards supporting one another and building community. I urge you to take part in these wonderful productions if you haven’t already! Those of you that have watched either productions, what do you think?

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  • Dottie

    I’m so bummed that I missed the free Jasmine Star webcast. I’ll have to keep a sharp eye out for future webcasts. Thanks for the heads up!

    Currently, I’m making my way through old Inside Analog Radio podcasts. Lots of in-depth interviews with film shooters. I’d love to hear an interview with you on there.

    Framed is a favorite of mine, but I haven’t seen the Lisa Warninger one yet, so I’m off to watch…

    • Amanda

      Oh, Dottie, you must.
      Yes, Inside Analog is great. Thanks, you’re too sweet. They actually asked me to do something yonks ago on Polaroid but I was in the middle of moving and couldn’t! I’d be super nervous.

  • suzie

    I recently stumbled on Jasmine, her blog is really inspirational. Than you so much for sharing the info about the webcasts. This is something that I keep feeling amazed about, how the majority of photographers are happy to share their knowledge, and help out others. Brilliant!

    • Amanda

      That’s what I love about Jasmine. Her photography is quite different to anything I’d ever do or could do but I love her passion, enthusiasm and quirky sense of humour. She is such a great teacher too.

  • Holly

    Thanks for sharing Framed, Amanda. What a great website. I so enjoyed Jasmine’s class. I LOVED how she said that there are no secrets in the industry. How wonderful that Creative Live is doing it all for free and if you missed the class it isn’t a fortune to buy the download. So refreshing.

    • Amanda

      Yes, and that was something that hit the nail on the head for me as I’m not even “in the industry” but I certainly mix in photography circles and even in those small places, it is very secretive. People don’t want to give away their way of doing things and they hide info which I think is just silly.
      I’m all about sharing and learning together so Creative Live is something that I really love. It’s the same reason I really like Jonathan Canlas. He is a big sharer of knowledge. I’m all about the education!

  • allyn

    thanks so much for sharing such wonderful resources. there’s everything to love about a sharing community. the world needs so much of that.

    i’m definitely checking out jasmine. i’ve been following hers +jonathan canlas tweets because of your recommendation. truly great leaders not only for their photography but also for their attitude + philosophies about the profession.

    always learning fromy ou, too, amanda. thank you.

  • Melissa

    These are fantastic resources. Thank you for sharing. I love stopping by your blog.

  • rebekka

    Your blog is WONDERFUL! So glad to have discovered.


  • Paula

    Great post Amanda – hubby watched Jasmine Star over brekky before going and shooting a wedding :)
    Didn’t know about the ‘Framed’ site – thanks for the tip! I’m in my second year following your blog and so love it x

  • nathalie

    this is such brilliant information, thank you very much for the links :)

  • Rambling Heather

    Thank you for these links! I am looking to grow in my photography. I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog and caught some inspiration!

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