A New Year’s Day In The Life

Starting off the year with one of my goals for 2011- taking more photographs- with Tracey’s A Day in the Life photography project. I played with my own rules and shot over the space of New Years Eve and New Years Day. It wasn’t every hour but just a glimpse of the beginning of my year starting with a little U2 vinyl on the record player.

We wandered for a stroll in the chill of the Vancouver winter…

and stopped in for a hot chocolate…

and later got ready for the countdown to the new year with friends…

and just like that 2011 was here.

a new day…

a new gift…

and a little snack before a drive…

2011 began with one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Thank you for inspiring me to get my camera out on the first day of the year, Tracey! Check out more here.

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13 thoughts on “A New Year’s Day In The Life

  1. Happy New Year, Amanda!
    I’m really inspired by your New Years photos and the A Day in the Life concept. I would really like to improve my photography, and I think that having to do “assignments” like this would help. Do you have some recommendations on flickr groups that do these daily/weekly photography exchanges?

  2. We were in Tim Horton’s, Eliz ;)

    Thank you all for your kind comments and happy wishes. Happy 2011 to you!

    Ann, I think you should come back and check out the blog tomorrow- I have something that may be right up your alley. ;)

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