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The tumbleweeds were blowing through  little ole Mocking Bird last week! I hate seeing the blog sitting without any newness, so to make up for it I’m devoting this week to something fun and inspiring. So much of what I love about living the simple life is having a beautiful, happy place to come home to. I’ve really found such solace in my home in the past few weeks and am working hard at making it a heavenly haven filled with all our happy things.

I’m devoting this week to all things housey, decor and design. We have a giveaway happening tomorrow and lots of inspiring posts for the week.

I’m kicking it off with the bane of my current existence- my teeny rental kitchen. Luckily for me, a clever lady has offered to help me with prettying it up and we are working on that at the moment. Renting is definitely a challenge, especially when your last rental had a brand new kitchen with granite counter tops. Have I mentioned that I hate the counter tops? They are pink…PINK!

Do you have one room in your home that compels you to take to it with a sledge hammer? Thankfully there are no sledge hammers laying about, so in the meanwhile I’m dreaming of kitchens with white cupboards and open shelving, wooden chopping block counter tops, a large wooden island and dozens of drawers to fill with our kitchen gadgets. Here are some of my dream kitchens…

Brooklyn Home via Bliss

via bryn alexander

Sibella Court’s kitchen tour from Design Sponge

via Desire to Inspire

White shelving and wooden heaven from Living Etc

via From Greenwich with Love

via Flor

Such beautiful rooms to come home to. I hope to take some elements of these beautiful kitchens and infuse them into my teeny rental. Do you love your kitchen?

p.s. Come back tomorrow for the homey give away!

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13 thoughts on “Decor Week at Mocking Bird

  1. Hi Amanda dear. It’s so funny – I love, LOVE white kitchens (see Diane Keaton’s character’s kitchen in the movie “Something’s Gotta Give). So, naturally, when we redid our kitchen last year I went to the kitchen designer with all my inspiration pictures and ideas, and he actually talked me OUT of having white painted cabinets. He told me with my 2 little kids running around, the paint would get scratched and it would drive me insane. I was so disappointed and conflicted because I really had a strong mental image of what I wanted, and he totally vetoed it.
    In the end, I heeded his advice (I figured he knew what he was talking about) and I have to say, I do love my new kitchen even though it’s not at all what I originally imagined. I ended up with light wood (maple), glazed cabinets, so I still got the light look I was after. He also warned me against doing dark stained hardwood flooring, and I have to say, he was right about that, too. I stained the floor dark anyway, and it shows every scratch! Considering the budget we were working with, there’s not much I would have done differently. Our renovation has made a huge difference in the way we live and in the ease and pleasure of everyday tasks. I feel fortunate that I got to start from scratch with a completely raw space.

  2. good to see you back!!

    i currently live at home with my parents and, ironically, the kitchen (and my bedroom of course) are my favorite designed rooms in the entire house. i don’t think i really share my mom’s aesthetic, so i’m not too crazy about how she’s decorated the rest of the house. it’s not ugly but it’s not ME, if you know what i mean?

    sigh. i can’t wait to have my own place! (and hopefully soon!)

  3. Karen, I have white cupboards…your designer has a point, but I suspect with little kids, you’re cleaning surfaces off all the time anyway, so why shouldn’t you have what you like?


    My kitchen guy got out of the way and did what I asked ;)

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  5. Oh Karen, I know it’s hard when what you want is not what’s practical. I’m glad you’re happy with your kitchen. It sounds beautiful. I’d love to see pics!

    Catalina, so true. Interior photographers are very clever at making spaces look beautiful through their use of good lighting.

    Oh Andrea, I hear ya! I lived at home until I was 29 and was desperate to get out and start decorating in my own place. I totally understand what you mean.

    Stephanie, isn’t it great? I’m really loving open shelving of late.

    Deebs, you have the best kitchen ever and I still owe you an email!

    Flygirl, haha I hadn’t noticed that. Don’t you love what stylists do in these shots? Nice placement of the pooch, too! ;)

  6. you have selected beautiful kitchens. i love the light + large spaces for communal cooking + eating. i love every element about sharing a meal + designing space to maximize personality with function. although i’m not moving into new space, i feel that my design preferences are evolving + trying to make small changes in our home to reflect the family “growing up.”

  7. what? pink?? i must be lucky then – the design of my rental is only a bit boring. i do feel a bit of the sledgehammer urge though, but mostly to make the apartment bigger.
    from the images you’ve selected, it looks like your kitchen will be lovely once the clever lady has attacked the pinkness! good luck – i’m looking forward to seeing the result of the kitchen makeover (i guess you couldn’t bring yourself to post the “befores”?)

  8. Guess what… that first/top photo pick? ALSO one of my favorite kitchens (but also homes) of all time! I look at it in my inspiration folder all. the. time. !

    So excited to get rolling with this Amanda dear… We have a lot of fun in store!!

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