Thomas Haas, I Love You

I shall pronounce it here, loud and clear,

You know that feeling of guilt you get when you are eating something bad in a food court or chomping on a caramel top ice cream at the movies? That little demon in your head telling you that you shouldn’t be putting that in your mouth and that people are looking at you and thinking, “that’s why you won’t be wearing a bikini this summer”? When I eat chocolate, I don’t feel that or hear that guy. That’s how powerful my love for chocolate is.

Leaving Sydney meant I had to say goodbye to my chocolate heaven, Max Brenner- Chocolate by the Bald Man. Since moving to Vancouver, we have been on the hunt for another chocolate place of worship and we may have found it.

Thomas Haas is a legend here in Vancouver and a master pastry chef around the world. After many failed attempts, we finally got to steal a table at the very popular cafe on Broadway. The Canadian and I sampled hot chocolates and gorgeous chocolate sacher sponge and manjari cakes while our friends had drinks called London Fogs. Doesn’t a London Fog sound intriguingly delicious?

As always, I love shooting in cafes and any place that serves coffee and dessert, so I made sure that I took a few shots. After I took the last photograph above, I was informed that the man behind the counter making the coffees was Thomas Haas himself. I was so impressed by the fact that a top pastry chef was making people’s coffees and talking to the customers. He didn’t seem to mind that I took his photograph either.

If you are in town for the Olympics I do recommend grabbing a hot chocolate and a croissant at Thomas Haas. We all deserve chocolate!

Photographs taken with Yashica Fx3 using Fuji Pro400H film.

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13 thoughts on “Thomas Haas, I Love You

  1. Amanda, few things make me as happy as the perfect cafe. Actually, reading for hours with a cup (or two) of hot cocoa in the perfect cafe makes me even happier. So I understand your affection.

    I thought it was about time I checked in to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and your photos, and how I’m looking forward to getting a Polaroid for my birthday (ah, only three months more…), so thanks for the post on choosing one.


  2. Although I am not as crazy about chocolate, I share the same sentiment when it comes to finding the perfect hot chocolate. I think I may have found my place, which is quite tough in a city like NY where there is an unending list of places to try. Oh, and we have Max Brenner here but it’s got such a large tourist appeal that sadly, it’s sometimes not worth the hassle of waiting an hour just to get a table to get my chocolate fix. :(

  3. Oh gosh chocolate is so delious, i don’t think i have ever met anyone who doesn’t like it. Dark is the best. Lindt is the best.
    You lucky think living in Vancouver! Are you going to the olympics, they look amazing!
    Pearl xo

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