What’s In Your Kit? with Elizabeth Messina

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dream like, magical and yet like nothing you’ve seen before is how I would describe Elizabeth Messina’s wedding photography. Any girl would die happy to have Elizabeth shoot their portrait and to have her present on your wedding day would be an absolute dream.

Not only are her portraits incredible but she shoots weddings with a story telling vibe and captures all the little details with care and the perfect light. She writes the gorgeous blog, Kiss The Groom where she shares her latest wedding sessions. I can get lost on Kiss The Groom for hours and I always leave wanting to go out and buy a fancy pair of heels. She shoots the hell out of heels! Elizabeth’s stylish work can be found in many wedding and style magazines.

I was so happy when Elizabeth agreed to share her equipment with us.

MB: What is your camera of choice?

Elizabeth: Contax 645

MB: Which are your favourite lenses to work with?

Elizabeth: I always like to be close to my subject. On my Contax I prefer the 80 mm Zeiss lens. It’s perfect.

I asked Elizabeth which lenses she likes to shoot for portraits and she said she likes the 80mm mentioned above.

MB: Name a camera you just love to have fun with.

Elizabeth: I have a wonderful collection of film cameras. Some of my favourites include my Holgas, Polaroid sx70’s, Lubitel’s, the new Fuji Polaroids.

Film is so beautiful…so luminous. I love the mystery of film. Film is an intrinsic part of my style & imagery.

Thank you so much for playing Elizabeth! To hear that some of the best photographers in the business are still shooting with film makes my heart sing.

You can find Elizabeth’s work here on her portfolio site and of course at Kiss the Groom. Get thee there now to leave her fabulous comments of love.

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  • Sherry

    Oh if I was to be a bride again (and many years younger!)…this is glorious work! Wedding photography has come a LONG way since I had my photographs taken…aren’t new brides blessed???

  • kay*

    oooh fabulous! her work is breathtaking & how fantastic for her to share some of her kit. her blog is also magical.

    btw for the past few days i’ve been really thinking of getting into film photography. earlier this weekend i was happy to read your post on ‘buying a film camera’ to see your recommendations. then last night i looked up from my laptop & saw my canon ae-1 sitting on my bookshelf as an accessory! LOL. I’d been wondering when I’d have the time to go hunt for a film camera & there it was staring me in the face. Off to get some film. Any recommendations? So far I’m thinking Fuji Superia.


    Sherry, I haven’t gotten married yet and would I love to have Elizabeth! Yes, it certainly has come a long way.
    Kay, hooray! That’s hilarious about the Canon AE1. My goodness, you most definitely don’t have to hunt. That camera has been used by photography students all over. I’d love one myself.
    Film depends on what look you’re going for. I love a low saturated look with soft, milky skin tones which is why I use Kodak Portra. I’m using Fuji 400H at the moment and am waiting to see what I make of that. I hear good things about it. I would use any film to start off and then just play around with more that you like the look of.
    The Kodak and Fuji websites give you examples of their films. :)
    Ilford is great for black and white too.

  • kay*

    thanks for the suggestion! depending on how things go i have my eyes on the nikon fm3a that you posted about! yikes! i can see this getting outta hand really quickly!

  • Christina

    oh what glorious photography.
    it’s so beautiful and serene here.
    : )

  • Nicole

    Oh they’re just gorgeous! I have to shoot my cousin’s wedding in a few weeks and am completely inspired. I’m going to use my DSLR but also my 1975 Canon TX with B&W film because that camera is an inspiration! Go the AE Christina, those old school Canons are awesome!

    Thanks for your ‘what’s in your kit’ interviews Amanda, I’m so enjoying them and finding them really inspiring!

  • Jan's camera

    Hi Amanda, these interviews are great. I love hearing which cameras that photographers use. Elizabeth’s photo are just beautiful. I have many SLR film cameras that I have used through the years and I still use them. For digital I have a couple of point and shoots but have not acquired a DSLR yet. That’s next on my list. I’m so glad to hear that people are still interested in film. I’m so afraid that film is going to disappear some day soon.

  • angie

    wow – what amazing skills she has!

    btw, i want that orange chair like there’s no tomorrow! :-)

  • alli/hooray

    Wow, what a beautiful blog you have!
    I am such a big fan of Elizabeth Messina’s work, so happy to hear a little insight from her. I’m jealous of her collection of film cameras!

  • Anne @ The City Sage

    My blog is divine? Let’s talk about YOURS my dear! It’s heaven on earth! You are one talented lady :)

    And speaking of talented ladies, Elizabeth M. is one of my fave photographers EVER, so this little sneak peak into her process is like candy to me. THANK YOU!


  • Lissa Dimitri

    Thank You, Keep up the Great work :)

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