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Monday, November 9, 2009


More wanderings around the downtown neighbourhoods in search of cafes and hidden stores that will become my regulars. It’s an odd thing to be faced with so many choices and possibilities of new habits and rituals that may become part of my life in months to come. I’m in a limbo of waiting right now until we find our perfect new home. I wander neighbourhoods with eyes wide open and we drive through suburbs late at night where I peer at lowly lit houses.

It’s all so new and different and possible.


  • A few new prints and notecard sets available in my print store.
  • I just started  myself  on this new china with the tea cup set. I cannot wait to start adding to it! ~ A lovely thing about moving your life overseas is that you get to start all over again with decorating and buying lovely housey things.
  • I heart Elizabeth Messina. I have hearted her for a long time. She shoots weddings like no other.
  • Have you heard that Pia is writing another book? Amsterdam Made By Hand is coming. I’m so excited!
  • Speaking of awesome ladies who write books, Jen has one coming out very soon. I have ordered mine and cannot wait!

Photographs shot with a Yashica FX3 and Kodak Portra 400NC film.

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  • Dog-Eared

    those photos are amazing; i think you captured everything good about fall. especially those leaves..!

  • Nina

    Absolutely gorgeous photographs. And I love your prints too :) Hope you’re having a lovely Monday!

  • Lana

    Oh, I adore the Sophie Conran dishware. I picked up the pie dishes last year. Love it!

  • mon ami


    where is the second photo taken? I think I need to find that store…

  • amanda

    Thanks so much, dog eared and Nina. :)
    Lana, it’s just gorgeous. I only just discovered it and am so excited to start buying. There are so many pretty pieces!
    Mon Ami, it’s on Broadway. I don’t remember the name. It’s a nutty, vintage kinda store. We walked from Alma all the way to Macdonald and it was somewhere in there! I want to go back to take more photographs soon.

  • amanda

    Oh and if I find it again, I’ll let you know the name. :)

  • vintage simple

    Oh, I love wandering around neighborhoods at dusk, when people first turn their lights on and you get this cozy feeling of sharing a little bit of the intimacy of that time of day with them… Good luck with your home search – and enjoy it! What an exciting time in your life..!


  • mon ami

    thanks Amanda, if you were on west Broadway then I bet it was ‘Stepback’. They have amazing old school maps there.

    I think I might have to go make a visit again soon!

    (I thought at first it was ‘Regional Assembly of Text’ on Main St. So worth a visit as well).


  • Nicolette Renee

    Lovely blog you have! I love your colors and themes, especially the neighborhood wanderings. :) Thanks for stopping by mine. I’m off to check out your Etsy store. Have a lovely weekend!

  • Jan's camera

    Beautiful shots. I love your blog. Thanks for all the info. I just took a look at Elizabeth Messina’s site and her wedding photos are wonderful.

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