Sakura Hunting


If you love photography and you love prettiness, you probably get the same rush of excitement that I do every year in the Winter into Spring change over time. Not only does that time mean sunshine, beautiful soft smells in the air and whispy breezes but it means cherry blossoms are making their special deliveries to gardens everywhere.

I have written about my fascination with sakura before. The moment cherry blossoms appear, it is a crazy race to try and photograph them as much as I can. There is such a tiny window of opportunity, especially when you live in a town where they are pretty rare to come across. As soon as I spot them, I panic and wonder where my camera is and then start mapping out my plan of attack. One must be swift and direct, one must be observant and ready to take on any dogs whose garden walls you must climb over to capture the awesomeness that is the spring blossom.

My plan of attack:

  • One neighbourhood tree has been spotted with pink blossoms, albeit in a place with not much sunlight.
  • Another has been identified on own street however it is yet to blossom- must keep close watch on that one.
  • Drive few suburbs away and take chance that random tree’s owner does not remember me from last year and have me up on blossom paparazzi charges.
  • Have blossom spies on look out all over Sydney- already received SMS texts about possible suspects on Sutherland Shire streets.

Oh and I plan on shooting Polaroids mostly this year. The thing that makes me happiest is knowing that in 6 months, I will be living in one of  the cherriest blossomiest cities on the planet, outside of Japan.

Sydneysiders, help me on my Sakura hunt! Please let me know if you spot any that are shootable. Do you have any shots you took of cherry blossoms this year? I’d love to see them.

p.s. The lovely Suzanne of wrote a post about the Paper Cameras Print Store. Thanks, Suzanne!

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11 thoughts on “Sakura Hunting

  1. Wow! I had no idea you had so many Cherry Blossoms there! Gorgeous! Here [in Oklahoma] we have Redbud tress, which are similar, but the flowers are a very dark, almost fuschia pink…and they also don’t last very long. They make everything look so beautiful for a short while. Good luck shooting!

  2. We are indeed rife with cherry blossoms here in Vancouver! You’ll have to wait until our springtime, but it’s truly gorgeous: carpets of pink, blossoms floating in the air, and the trees bending and making a curved dome down side streets. You will love it!

  3. Had to laugh when I read your plan of attack, Amanda. ;) I’m inspired to take out my camera and do the same, except it’s Summer here in Seattle.

    Btw, thanks for the perfume recommendation. I did a google search on it and it sounds like something I’d wear. Now I have to save up the money for it. xo

  4. Yes, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is going to be my favourite time of year, methinks.
    The first time I was in Vancouver it was cherry blossom time but I was a little distracted with my new love and all.

    Vicki, yes, I think I will have to buy it duty free. It smells divine!

  5. Hello Amanda
    I cannot believe you are moving to Canada!!! is it for good????
    I’ll make sure to visit your blogs for news. You are one amazing of a photographer and you have inspired me with some of your gorgeous polaroids. Cheers for now, Luisa

  6. oh, this pic is absolutely gorgeous!

    My best memory of cherry blossoms was on Valentines Day last year. {or year before last} My sister was driving and suddenly I screamed “AHHH PULL THE CAR OVER!!!!!!” Scared to death she did and as I grabbed my sx70 I told her to wait while I photographed the trees. I thought she was going to run me over after that.

    But, cherry blossom polaroids are the BEST. ♥

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