There’s Something About Portland

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have you noticed? Every day it seems I stumble across another blogger, artist, photographer or fashion designer who lives in Portland. I’m not sure whether Portland itself has a creative magical dust sprinkled between the leaves in the trees, whether the culture of the city automatically means its residents are artistically minded or artistically minded people are moving to Portland in droves. Whatever it is, Portland is sure home to fabulousness.

Image by Ann Suckow

I have never been there myself, but The Canadian tells me that it is home to the greatest bookstore on the planet and one of my oldest online friends, whom I have hung out with twice now, hails from Portland herself.
Here is a mighty mega list of Phenomenal Portland People:


Image by Abby Powell Thompson

  • Abby Powell Thompson: Abby shoots and blogs about the things she loves. Her camera is magical. I always know when I see one of Abby’s pictures.
  • Makool Loves You: Gorgeous fashion designer who creates really original pieces. Check out her blog too. The photography is beautiful too!
  • {frolic}: Chelsea runs one of the biggest blogs out there. A stylist who is pretty handy with a camera and a knack for finding all the prettiest things out there. Frolic is one of my favourite daily reads.
  • Unruly Things: Alyson is another fantastic blogger who is pretty damn famous in the design loving blog world. She blogs and designs beautiful things, check out her creative design studio site too.
  • Stephanie Congdon Barnes: One half of 3191. She and Mav have built a 3191 empire, starting out with Mornings, then onto Evenings and now they share an everyday blog. Both ladies are actually from Portland, but Stephanie is from the Portland I am talking about in this post.
  • Whitney Johnson: Polaroid Flickr queen and host to lovely lady camera afternoons.
  • Sacred Lotus Photography: Nicolle is a gorgeous film photographer who also blogs about all the things she loves. She is also a Sigur Ros fan, which automatically puts people on my cool list.
  • Ann Suckow: The queen of the Spectra. I’ve already mentioned her in a post this week. Yes, we all loveth the Moxiee.
  • Amy Nieto: Photographer and craftster, Amy moved herself to the land of the Oregonians with cameras in hand.
  • Tiny Abstraction: Debbie shoots and blogs about pretty little things that make her happy


Image by Makool Clothing

Do you know of any other fabulous Portlanders whose work you’d love to share?

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