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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Over the next 4 to 5 months, I will be packing up my life as I know it and moving to the other side of the world. I am of course excited but also a little nervous, maybe even a lot nervous.

I got an email tonight telling me that to be accredited to teach in British Columbia, I may have to take an English Literature course. The thought of going back to uni and studying literature is actually something I would love to do more of, but the fact that I would supposedly need to do this, baffles me. I have been teaching for 10 years, am quite skilled in the areas of teaching reading and writing and focus my everyday around children’s literature, so this “rule” seems a little silly.

I was more concerned that I would be required to teach French, as Canada is obviously a bi-lingual country but it turns out that I don’t have to (kinda disappointing actually!).

So, if it comes down to me not being able to teach straight away, I am going to have to earn a living some other way. The Canadian thinks this time in my life would be the perfect opportunity for me to give photography a go…you know, as an actual job type thingie.

My options are as follows:

  • Wait tables while studying literature course, eventually teach.
  • Start up children’s photography business in city that is not my own.
  • Learn how to cook, be housegirlfriend, wander aimlessly.
  • Panic.

Have you had experience in finding work overseas or relocating? I would love any advice people have.

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  • Megan

    How exciting and terrifying, all at once! I think this is definitely such a brilliant opportunity for you to make a go at photography. And to learn how to cook :D

  • Susannah

    Do the photography business! It’s a new place, a new chance, a new way of life. Do it!

  • Iva

    I admire people who change so much at once, I really do! I mean, we should be more open to change, considering we only have one life and we should always try to get more out of it.
    I love your photography and I know I am not the only one :) So perhaps starting a business in that area might turn out very successful. Whatever you decide to do, good luck :)

  • Bec

    Start up a photography business and perhaps do the lit course as a back up plan, though I am sure you won’t need it, your photography is seven shades of awesome!

  • A Gift Wrapped Life

    Not sure how I got here but enjoyed the lovely visit. Your blog is beautiful and quite happy to hear you will be bringing your talent to Canada. I am quite sure i have used a couple of your flickr shots in my blog, now feeling guilty! Though the more your work is out there, the more you could consider an Etsy shop for all your fabulous photos?
    I think you will love Canada as I am sure Canada will love you.
    All the best with the big move.

  • Jasmin

    Go for the photography business!! Like Bec said, do the E.lit course as a backup if you’re unsure how your business will go, but I’m pretty sure you’ll do so well you won’t even need to think about contingency plans. :)

  • Ashley

    I’m sure you have tons of contacts in Vancouver already, but none the less, let me tell you it’s a pretty nice city. As long as you don’t mind the rain ;)

    I think you should give the photography a go once you get here. I haven’t seen anyone in the city that has the same kind of style that you do so I think there is a niche there you can fill. Also, there are tons of coffee shops that would probably love to have your work hanging in them. A lot of the smaller local coffee shops really try and showcase local work.

    I wish you the best of luck with the packing and the move!

  • pia

    I am so excited about this new adventure of yours, and I wish you were packing me in your suitcase! More over, I wish I was living there and that we could explore the city together.

    I agree with The Canadian all. the. way.


  • claire

    a new city, a new you.
    you can do anything you want, be anyone you want & that’s the bestest thing.

    i have a lot (too much :) of experience moving to other countries & cities, and i think the only thing i can say with absolute certainty is that anything can happen. and i think that if you leave yourself open for adventure & new things and stay curious, you will find yourself moving in the direction you want to go- whatever that is.

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